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Libraries Alive! works with libraries and other organisations interested in ideas and information.

As library consultants our core business is quantifying information value and improving cost-effectiveness in information-related service delivery.

We get involved in reviews, strategic and technology planning, value assessment, performance improvement and staff development. We believe we are informed, experienced and effective.

The company is Australian in its outlook, independent, and wholly owned by its founders Ian McCallum and Sherrey Quinn.

Trading successfully for more than 20 years, Libraries Alive! is proud to encompass all types of libraries and information services in its customer list.

Our approach to our work is considered, frank and open. We use only inclusive decision-making processes, continually tested against customer requirements. Our methodology emphasises 'no surprises' and peer review.

We believe in the social and economic value of libraries and information services. We contribute to the activities of the Australian Library and Information Association, support its Statement on professional conduct, and are accredited as Certified Practitioners. We sponsor Friends of Libraries Australia (FOLA) and Biblio Turismo.

Our training workshops Rewarding Reading and Rewarding Reference promote the value of reading and the rewards of identifying authoritative information sources.

We are technology guides in an often bewildering digital world, and in conjunction with our partners, we produce standards and guidelines for library services.


Redefining library services in digital times