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Libraries Alive! is an independent Australian consulting company formed to bring a lively, informed and pragmatic perspective to library and information services. Our ‘no surprises’ methodology delivers implementable recommendations and measurable results within customer-defined objectives.

Ian McCallum and Sherrey Quinn, the principals of Libraries Alive!, are experienced library consultants with backgrounds in public and private sector information management and service delivery. Consulting specialities include:

Library service development
  • General reviews
  • Strategic plans, resource allocation
  • Facility planning
  • New library specification
  • Operational audits, reviews and benchmarking
  • Staff establishment reviews
  • Community consultation
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Value analysis
  • Marketing & business development
  • Library standards & guidelines
Information organisation & management
  • Information gathering, synthesis & presentation
  • Expert searching & resource discovery
  • Information audits
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Database indexing
  • Website indexing
  • Book & periodical indexing
  • Metadata
  • Thesaurus construction, maintenance & review
  • Taxonomy design & development
Library & information technology
  • Purchasing & acquisition strategies
  • Software evaluation and reviews
  • Software acceptance, usability testing & documentation
  • Post-implementation audits
  • Contract negotiation & management
  • Problem-solving
Staff training & development
  • Rewarding Reading readers' adviser training & train-the-trainer courses
  • Rewarding Reference refresher and customer service re-orientation
  • Performance measurement and bench-marking workshops
  • Electronic resources training
  • Custom training programs for specific requirements
Project direction & management
  • Library projects
  • Library IT projects
  • Indexing projects
Conference & meeting facilitation
  • Workshops and focus groups
  • Meeting reports & documentation

Directors' CVs:   Ian McCallum,   Sherrey Quinn

Redefining library services in digital times