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Ian McCallum - Select list of publications and papers

See Libraries Alive! Project Reports page for our consultancy reports that are in the public domain.

Ian was Editor of The Australian Library Journal from 2007 to 2009.

We're on a mission. Libraries for the nation. We can do this. Paper presented at the 11th Australian Library History Forum: Libraries for the People, marking the 75th anniversary of the NSW Library Act 1939, 1819 November 2014, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney
Something to sell InCite, vol 34, issue 5, May 2013, p. 26
Library DNA revealed [Opinion column] InCite, vol 33, issue 5, May 2012, p. 7

Continuous improvement: national standards and guidelines for Australia's public libraries, by Sherrey Quinn and Ian McCallum. APLIS, Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services, vol 24, no 3, September 2011, p. 101-106

So, you'd like a brand new library, would you? InCite, vol 26, issue 12, December 2005, p. 30
Celebrating Warren - a discussion of Warren Horton's contribution to the Aurora library leadership program. Australian Academic and Research Libraries, vol 36, no 3, September 2005, p. 102-104
Valuing libraries, by Ian McCallum and Sherrey Quinn. Australian Library Journal, vol 53, no 1, February 2004, p. 55-69
Finding information on the Internet: a review of two books, by Sherrey Quinn and Ian McCallum.  Online Currents, vol 19, no 1, January/February 2004: 22-24. [Review of Catch the wave: how to find good information on the Internet - fast by Belinda Weaver (RMIT University Press, 2003) and The hidden web: finding quality information on the net, by Maureen Henniger (University of NSW Press, 2003)]
Library management systems? InCite, vol 24, no 11, November 2003, p. 16
Returning to Ithaca to get on with the mission: defining value in terms of our contribution to our customers and our profession. Keynote speech, 22 August 2001, at 'An information odyssey ... a long and eventful journey', 11th ALIA National Library Technicians Conference, Hobart, 22-24 August, 2001. Also published in Australian Library Journal, vol. 51, no. 1, February 2002, p. 7-19
Assessing [ALIA] member needs: from the provider side. Incite, vol 19, no 6, June 1998, p. 18-19
An altered state of being at Aurora. Australian Library Journal, vol. 45, no. 1, February 1996, p. 17-18
Information retrieval services; the third wave from an Australian beach. Information Online & On Disc 95; proceedings of the 7th Australasian Information Online and On Disc Conference and Exhibition, Sydney, 1995, p. 285-290.  (Sydney, Australian Library and Information Association, Information Science Section, 1995)
Libraries, life quality and appropriate technology: lessons or lesions?  In Lifestyles and libraries; proceedings of the 24th LAA Conference, Darwin 1986, edited by A J Walker, p. 845-864. (Sydney, Library Association of Australia, 1987)
Database contracts: ACI's view. In Stitched up or sewn down: proceedings of a seminar on database contract negotiation and costing, 14 July 1987, edited by Sherrey Quinn, p.16-22. (Hawthorn Vic, Australian Database Development Association, 1987)
Never run with your hands in your pockets! Paper presented by Ian McCallum at the Library Association of Australia 50th Anniversary Conference, 1987, Canberra.  Australian Library Journal vol. 36, no.4, November 1987, p.264-266
National Information Policy. Library Association of Australia ACT Branch Newsletter, no. 63, October 1986, p.4-10
Futures for the online industry in Australia. In Information online '86; proceedings of the first Australian Online Information Conference, Sydney, 20 - 22 January 1986, p. 447- 475. (Sydney, Library Association of Australia, 1986)
Management with a DBMS.  In  Small Scale Bibliographic Databases, edited by Peter Judge and Brenda Gerrie, p. 117-137 (Sydney, Academic Press, 1986)  First published in The generation and management of small scale data bases  (Canberra: Library Association of Australia, 1982)
Directory of Australian databases, edited by Diana Killen, Ian McCallum, Elizabeth Morrison and Sherrey Quinn. Hawthorn Vic, Australian Database Development Association, 1984
New products and appropriate technology. Keynote address by Ian McCallum, VALA Second National Conference on Library Automation, 28th November to 1st December 1983, University of Melbourne.  In Information management: proceedings of VALA 2nd National Conference on Library Automation University of Melbourne, 28 Nov-1 Dec 1983, edited by B J Cheney, vol.1, p. 158-191. (Melbourne, Victorian Association for Library Automation, 1984).
Online information retrieval in Australia: where to next?   In 'Challenge and response: proceedings of the 22nd Biennial Conference of the Library Association of Australia held in Adelaide Aug 22-26 1982', p. 212-219. (Sydney, Library Association of Australia, 1983)
ACI's role in the development of Australian bibliographic databases. In 'Australian clearing houses and data bases: towards a national policy', edited by G. Peguero, p 51-65.  (Footscray Vic: Footscray Institute of Technology Library, November 1982)
AUSINET: Australasia's information network? In 'Sharing': proceedings of the first combined conference of the Library Association of Australia and the New Zealand Library Association, Christchurch, NZ, 1981, p 131-135. (Sydney: Library Association of Australia, 1981)
The use of computer-based information services in libraries: the librarian as computer user. Proceedings of the 8th Australian Computer Conference, Canberra, 28 August-2 September 1978, p. 1155-1160

Redefining library services in digital times