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Ian McCallum

Director, Libraries Alive! Pty Ltd


BA Hons (Philosophy) Monash University 1968

Diploma in Librarianship University of NSW 1969

Australian Library and Information Association Certified Practitioner


R.D. Williamson information science award, 1983

Fellow, Australian Library and Information Association 1989-

HCL Anderson Award for professional contribution, 2002. (Citation)


 Ian McCallum, Director, Libraries Alive!  Photo by Lucy Quinn, (c) 2007

Professional contribution

Associate of the Australian Library and Information Association/Library Association of Australia 1971- ; Fellow 1989-

President, Library Association of Australia 1986

Mentor, Aurora Leadership Institutes, 1995-2001, 2004, 2007 and Snowbird Leadership Institutes (USA), 1998, 2000

Company Secretary, Aurora Foundation Ltd 2001-2008

Editor, Australian Library Journal, 2007-2009

Member, American Library Association, 2005-


Work history

Director, Libraries Alive! 1997

Profit Centre Manager, Ferntree Computer Corporation/GE Capital IT Services, Melbourne & Canberra 1979-96

Principal Librarian Information Services, National Library, Canberra 1971-78

Librarian-in-Charge Public Service Board, Canberra 1969-70



Project direction

Project management

Technology assessment

Strategic planning

Tactical planning


Library services consulting

Information services development

User consultation

Quantifying information value



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Redefining library services in digital times