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Most library consultancy reports prepared by Libraries Alive! are 'commercial-in-confidence'. However, those listed below are in the public domain:

Beyond a quality service; strengthening the social fabric: standards and guidelines for Australian public libraries. These standards and guidelines were prepared for the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and its Public Libraries Advisory Committee. The first edition was launched in April 2011, and the second edition in December 2012. A summary of the Project is presented here.

Living learning libraries; standards and guidelines for NSW public libraries. These evidence-based standards were commissioned by the State Library of New South Wales, and are endorsed and published by the Library Council of NSW.

E Futures @Your Library: summary of the key issues discussed at the seminar on emerging electronic service delivery models for the 21st century, hosted by the State Library of New South Wales on 17th August 2004. Seminar summary compiled by the facilitators, Ian McCallum and Sherrey Quinn, at the request of the State Library of New South Wales.
Seminar home page, from the Pandora archive: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/77226/20071011-0000/www.sl.nsw.gov.au/profession/efutures.html

Kippax Library and Belconnen Region Services Study: Options Paper, by Ian McCallum and Sherrey Quinn was prepared for ACT Information Management and Libraries in November 2002. A summary of the project is presented here [from Pandora archive]. Our report was the architect's brief for the new Kippax Library which opened on 30 August 2005, replacing a small, temporary facility. The opening of the library was reported in Incite, vol 26, no 10, October 2005, p. 16 - the article is reproduced here, with permission.

Colloquium - Research Library  Futures: Strategies for Action, State Library of NSW, May 16-17, 2002.   A summary of the Colloquium was prepared by Ian McCallum and Sherrey Quinn, and published in Lasie, vol 33, no 1, August 2002, p. 117-122

APLN: the Will or the Last Testament? Investigation of the Business Case for the Creation of a New National Body to Represent and Promote the Interests of Public Libraries in Australia.  Final report to the Council of Australian State Libraries, by Ian McCallum and Sherrey Quinn, November 2001.[From Pandora archive]

Civic Library Services Study. Consultancy in Relation to Planning for Services to be Delivered from the Proposed New 'Civic Link' Library. Report by Sherrey Quinn and Ian McCallum, prepared for Information Planning & Services, ACT Dept of Urban Services, August 2001. [From Pandora archive]

The Directors of Libraries Alive! have also published papers in journals and conference proceedings:

Papers by Ian McCallum

Papers by Sherrey Quinn


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